Monday, September 26, 2016

AirAmbulance Earthquake Rescue Hacks and cheats

AirAmbulance Earthquake Rescue

AirAmbulance Earthquake Rescue Hacks and cheats
The Northern areas of Pakistan have been hit by a severe earthquake. This destroyed each and every thing. Lots of casualties are reported. Thousands of people become homeless. They have no shelters to stay and no food to eat. They are helpless and in need of help. You are the aviation officer in military and you fly an Air ambulance helicopter. It’s your job to fly to those affected areas and pull out the people who are in stuck there helpless.
It’s the time of emergency. Everyone is in danger because of the earthquake. You have to pickup these people and drive take them to safe zones where they can get help.
You have to take those people from the affected areas and fly them to the hospitals and rescue camp which are specially build for them.
People are in trouble. The roads are totally destroyed. The only way to get to them is through air. So fulfill your responsibilities and help them.
It is a test of your flying and landing skills within this game. The helicopter is equipped with simple controls. Are you up to accept the challenge in Air Ambulance Simulator?
Feel what a real air ambulance aviation officer would feel in real emergency situation in this Heli ambulance simulation game 2016.
The helicopter rescue mission of the game will be hard, as you will have to land properly in the emergency area. And then again takeoff when the people get on the helicopter.
Take your ambulance helicopter from the base camp and carefully land on the indicated area. Improve your aviation flying skills to the best level and show that you are the best pilot.
Swipe left joy stick to control the movement.
Swipe right joy stick to take off and landing.
Tap pause button to pause the game.
Realistic emergency situation environment.
Simple touch and swipe control.
Real time animations.
Control is comfortable and smooth.
Different challenging levels with different tasks assigned.
Pick up the patients from helipad and drop them near hospitals.
Improve your flying skills.

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