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UPSC Geologist Exam 2015 Syllabus & Model Questions with Previous Year Papers

Download UPSC Last 5 Year Question Papers. Hindi Paper II 2011; 2012; 2013; 2014; 2015.

  Geologists’ Exam Previous Years Question Papers         UPSC Geologists’ Exam is among the highly competitive entrance examinations

Physical, chemical and crystallographic
characteristics for the common rock forming silicate mineral groups

Structural classification for the silicates

Common minerals for the igneous and metamorphic

Minerals for the the carbonate, phosphate,
sulphide and halide groups

Optical properties for the common rock forming
silicate minerals, uniaxial and biaxial minerals

Extinction angles, pleochroism,
birefringenece for the minerals and your relation with mineral composition

Twinned crystals. Dispersion

The U-stage

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d)  Minute crystals of ice deposited on a cold surface.

Geographical and geological distributions. Eligible and Interested Candidates can apply online with the help of UPSC website website.

. Physical, chemical and optical characteristics of common salt Structural classification of the silicates Common minerals of igneous and metamorphic rocks Extinction angle.

Download IAS Prelims English Question Paper-I of 2013 with Solution.

d)  None of the above.

2.       Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods. Indian deposits for the non-metals – mica,.

UPSC Geologist Syllabus 2016 – UPSC Combined Geo Scientist and Geologist Exam Pattern –

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. English Language (Compulsory). Also the fact that seemingly benign and peaceful landscapes may not really be so and that these could be read on the surface is something I got to know from this conversation.. GS Paper IV (Ethics, Aptitude & Integrity) ( Sample Paper) 2013 |. We also suggest all aspirants to know education detail information from official notification.

The UPSC usually revolves to conducts diverse aggressive examinations for 208 vacancies in several recruitment posts inside the commission.. Primary rules and software of spectroscopy.

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