Friday, April 15, 2016

SAT/ACT Test-Prep Hawaii: Test-Taking and Skill-Building Program

You can trust Sherwood to provide the best possible SAT Course which yields maximum score improvement..

Attend scheduled class sessions led by a Princeton Review expert and benefit from the same expert instruction and curriculum offered in our traditional in-person courses.. Since, SAT is attempted by students who are in their 11 and 12 standard or equivalent the SAT Test syllabus 2016 is also based on that level.

¼        Assignments (points will be deducted for late work). Click on Performance Summary on the left-hand side of your syllabus, then recommended next steps.

 Soon, the College Board settled for SAT as an empty acronym and changed the name of the test to SAT I: Reasoning Test.

Critical reading Mathematics Writing

Day Module
1 Math Introduction to SAT / Math strategies, Number & Operations Lecture
Verbal Critical Reading Lecture
2 Math Math Strategies Tutorial, Number & Operations Tutorial
Verbal Critical Reading Tutorial
3 Math Algebra & Functions Lecture
Verbal Writing – Essay Lecture and Practice
4 Math Algebra & Functions Tutorial
Verbal Writing – Subject-verb Agreement Lecture and Tutorial
5 Math Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis, Statistics Lecture
Verbal Writing – Tenses, Active / Passive Lecture and Tutorial
6 Math Geometry, Measurement and Data Analysis, Statistics Lecture
Verbal Writing – Expression and Pronouns Lecture and Tutorial
7 Math Student Produced Response (SPR) Lecture
Verbal Writing – Tutorial
8 Math Student Produced Response (SPR) Tutorial
Verbal Writing – Improving Paragraphs Lecture and Tutorial
9 Math Math Tutorial
Verbal Sentence Completions Lecture
10 Math Math Tutorial
Verbal Sentence Completions Tutorial
11+ Practice tests with review
. §         Sentence Completion.

This course will provide you with a grammar and usage review specifically geared to the rules that you'll be tested on in the ACT

. It tests your knowledge of reading, writing and math — subjects that are taught every day in high school classrooms. Admission test of IBA is exempted for candidates with SAT scores over 1900. You'll also learn how to maximize your time on reading comprehension passages and the passages in the science test. It is difficult to fix the portion for SAT to a few particular topics.

New KS2 Maths SATs Practice Papers: Pack 1 – for the 2016 SATS and Beyond. Email: There's 1 passage concerning US and World Literature, 2 for History/Social Studies, and 2 for Science


Our SAT course requires students to work hard and exhibit effort and dedication to their studies.. The Reading and Writing questions are now entirely passage-based, giving more opportunities to test a deeper understanding of how the passage is logically constructed and to draw connections between different parts of the passage. That will change with the new version of the test..

When is SAT offered in Pakistan?.

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