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Does each question carry same weightage in revised GRE exam ?

Apart from improving your existing set of skills, experts advise that you practice using sample GRE tests.

Though the quality of the questions is good, you may sometimes see a higher overall score, since the questions are relatively easier than, say, the Kaplan or the Manhattan practice tests.

In 2011, the GRE received a major overhaul and was renamed the GRE revised General Test. Keep in mind that the test is timed, so it is a good idea to answer these questions as quickly as possible and keep time during the process, in order to get a good approximation of how long each question might take


M., has taught English language and literature to high school students for more than 30 years, and has also prepared them for various tests of verbal and writing ability. (C) inimitable : modification.

See the first sentence of the second paragraph, which makes clear the underlying point being made by the author in citing the use of the supernatural in Morrison's writing.


GRE Sample Tests for Practice:. GRE Question Structure. The common factor is x + 1, choice (E).. As with any other major endeavor, breaking this exam down into small bites is much easier than rushing to get it all done the night before. Introduction to the Verbal Reasoning Measure Resources for GRE Verbal Test GRE Verbal Reasoning Questions.       Answer Key.

The area of the large square is 2x (you want to add the area of the small square to that of the path), leaving us with sides of √2x.

First, a raw score is calculated for the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning Sections based on the number of correct answers given.

Use the scratch paper given for any necessary calculations. Our GRE Free Help Area now features explanations for every Quantitative question on every version of the two practices tests in Powerprep II, the official GRE practice software!.

  The New Verbal Reasoning Section.

The answer is only counted as a correct one when both the chosen options are correct.

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

Practice Test

General psychology study

Social science overview

Experimental and natural sciences overview

Explore resources for study

Practice test


Study points on memory

Study points on thinking

Focus on language and terminology

Study points on learning, including conditioning

Study points on sensation and perception

Practice test


Focus on behavioral neuroscience

Review experimental and natural sciences

Practice test

Focus on lifespan development

Focus on clinical and abnormal diagnoses

Practice test


Study points on personality

Focus on social aspects, including perception and emotion

Review social sciences study points

Practice test

General psychology study, including history

Review of DSM-5


Study points on methodology

Study points on measurement in research

Review general psychology study

Review language and terminology

Review DSM-5

Practice test


Study points on social science

Focus on memory

Focus on thinking

Focus on learning

Focus on sensation and perception

Practice test


Focus on behavioral neuroscience

Focus on personality

Focus on social aspects

Focus on measurement and methodology

Review language and terminology

Practice test


Examine incorrect answers on practice tests

General psychology overview

Social sciences overview

Experimental and natural science overview

General overview of testing requirements

Practice test


Solving for x leaves x = 3, and then substituting into 3x + 1 gives 3(3) + 1, or 10.

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